Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Post

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Jabiz give us G.doc document about UOI. That is I can choose any topic I want about my curiosity, So I make animation.

In week one I'm doing knowledge. Knowledge is search information about my project. So the first one I search 3-5 website I can use to make animation and find a youtube video explaining basic flipbook. Also I find 2 example of animation I love. You can see my knowledge, with opening this link.

In week two, after I'm doing knowledge and now I'm doing comprehension. Comprehension is understanding something. In comprehension the first step is to make Imovie to explain what flipbook is and compare two method of making one. Then describe everything I will need to start. You can see my comprehension, with opening this link.

In week three, before I'm doing analysis, I'm doing application that is to do something. I really like week three because this is the first time I make animation. In analysis the first step is show how to use animation -ish home (this is the application I use to know more about it click here) and complete a short 10 second animation. You can see my application, with opening this link.

In this week that is week four, I'm doing analysis. Analysis is looking closely. In analysis the first step explaining why we create animation and make a poster for animation.

This is the poster that I make: 

And this is the question that I choose, Also I answer in a paragraph. 

Why do we create animation?

We create animation because human beings need something new there are many important reasons why we create animation.

We create animation to explore imagination and get pleasure for our self and other people. Making animation can help us expressing anything in our mind
In my mind we express a girl that pulls the board in the dangerous mountain, then finally she died.

Making animation can make other people entertained. I usually make funny animation that can make me and other people entertained. I choose the example of animation; “Happy Tree Friend” that has inspirited me in making animation about the girl pulling the board in the dangerous mountain that finally died.

There are still many other advantages of making animation like avoiding boring when we always watch a film or cinema that just be acted by human being. With animation, we can watch a film that be acted by the picture but it look like human being. For the example of animation is “Totally spies” this cartoon is same like real human. This cartoon its about features the adventure and mission of tree teenage spies.

In conclusion, human beings need something new and that is why we create animation.

And this is the video when my teacher interview me. Check this out!

Final assessment Freak The Mighty

The book Freak The Mighty told about a friendship between Max well  who is an enormous boy with no brain and the writer of  this book , and Kevin who is a genius with morquio syndrome (have very small body). Kevin, helps Max change by making a friendship called Freak the mighty. Max is a silent boy because he had a trauma with his father who has killed his mother, so his grandparents Grim (grandfather) and Gram (Grandmother) never told Max about his father (killer kane).  Everyday he always remember his father killing his mother, that caused  Tony D/Blade always mock him because his father is a killer .Tony always said “Killer kane, Killer kane had a son who got no brain”.

In july 13, Kevin invited max to come firework celebration. Because his mother never let him going to the firework celebration by him self. Therefore, Kevin hoped Max can join him in firework celebration in order to accompany him, So his mother will allow him to go. Finally, Max accept Kevin’s invitation to join firework celebration for helping save Kevin. In firework celebration, Kevin cannot watch firework because his body is very small. So, Max raise him and put on his shoulder so, Kevin can watch firework that he never seen before. after that, Tony D/Blade know that there were Max and Kevin in firework celebration, So Tony D/Blade follow and want to kill them until Max and Kevin must cross the muddy river. Firstly, Max didn’t want to cross the river because he was afraid of being trouble but Kevin believe him to keep cross the muddy river to make them safety from Tony D/Blade. Finally, Tony D/blade cannot follow them until the police come. At that time, Max became a brave man for the first time.

One day, Kevin saw Tony D/blade broke the women’s wallet to the sewer. At night, Kevin went to Max’s room to ask him to investigate and take the women’s wallet that Kevin saw. After they discovered the wallet, Suddenly, Tony D/Blade come there and try to hit them. However, Max can against Tony D/blade until he run away.Then, they give back the wallet to Lorreta. a few days later, Killer Kane kidnapped Max and hostage him in the hotel where Lorreta lived. When Lorreta tried to help Max by pretending give some food to killer Kane, He know that Lorreta tried to untied Max so, Killer Kane chocking Lorreta. Finally, Max fight his father to help Lorreta. That show Max have been a brave man.

In the last night, Max was given an empty book by Kevin to make him express everything in his mind in the book. Tomorrow Kevin died, Max became so sad and uncontrolled him self because Max still want to be with Kevin. However, Max didn’t want to be sad in the long time, he has to have a new spirit to do what Kevin want. Finally, Max became a fluent reader because he tried to read constantly until he became participate in his class by answering his teacher’s question.

Finally, Max became brave person and helpful because of the friendship with Kevin it’s called freak the mighty.

After I'm doing my Final assessment Mr.Jabiz told us that we must choose any chapter in Freak The Mighty book and make a summary. So, I choose chapter 6 because easier that the other. Check it out!

This chapter told about Max and Kevin that became a new friend. At Fourth of July Kevin invited Max to join firework celebration because Kevin was not allowed to go to firework celebration alone. So, Kevin hopes if Max joins firework celebration, his mother will allow him to go there. Kevin was very happy because Max agrees to join with him. However, Grim and Gram was still afraid because Max never goes out without them. Finally, Grim and Gram allowed Max to come there with Kevin because they compassioned with Kevin if he went alone.

When Max and Kevin went to firework celebration and will buy the tickets, they heard there were Tony D/blade voices. Tony D/Blade said to them Frankenstein and Igor that refer to Kevin and Max. Then Kevin was angry and said tony D/Blade as cretin that’s mean a person who suffer from mental deficiency. However Max asked Kevin ignore Tony D/blade and went to look a firework celebration as soon as possible. By the time they were in the firework celebration, Max saw Kevin cannot look the firework, Then Max pick up Kevin and set him on his shoulder finally, Kevin was very happy and shouted every chemical elements that were in the firework like magnesium, potassium chlorate, sulphur and aluminum. At that time, Max just look at Kevin and he was very happy because he know that Kevin was also so happy.

Monday, May 23, 2011


After I finish comprehension, I'm doing application that is must show how to use animation-ish home and complete a short 10 second  animation. So, I make Imovie to explain it. Check this out!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Freak The Mighty : What Is Gonna Happen next !

In my opinion, I think after his father go to his house and grab Max. His father is angry. So, he kidnapped Max and wont to kill him because his father think that Max already die. After his fahter bring him to some place. Suddenly, Lorreta come and give him some pizza, when Lorreta want to see the window, she give Max kind of scissor. That all my opinion..

Haha .. to be continue ..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Changing My Idea

In my last blog post about comprehension in week 4, I will made the project with application name Animation-ish Home this application is easier than Istop motion. But actually, I want to be in tablet that why I choose animation-ish home. Suddenly, Mr.Jabiz help me to do my project from the school now I will do this project with tablet

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freak The mighty

In English class, Mr. Jabiz told us that we must answer one question in gmail that we already write and this the question that I choose " Why Kevin lie about human robot?"

In my opinion, I think Kevin lie because when Kevin in hospital he heard his mother talk with the doctor that he will die soon. Kevin doesn't want make Max sad. So, he lie about it.


After I'm doing my knowledge, I started to comprehension my topic in week 4. firstly, I explain what flipbook is and I compare two methods of making one after that I describe everything I well need to start. So, I make Imovie to explain it. Check this out !